Today you travel to Nouvelle Caledonie on your AIRCALIN flight. On arrival a transfer is provided to your choice of hotel or hostel.

DAY 2, tour NOUMEA

This morning enjoy this morning enjoy a 1.5 hour tour, with English speaking guide, of Noumea by Tchou Tchou train. Take note of the museums and places of interest for further exploration. The afternoon is free to explore Noumea using the efficient local bus system operating from early morning to dusk. This afternoon meet your host families and begin your homestay experience.

Day 3, language study at CREIPAC

This morning, and on Tue, Thu & Fri, your hosts will take you to CREIPAC for your language lesson, of 3 hours duration, with a mid-morning break. After your lesson, accompanied by your teachers, you will enjoy extra curricular activities. Each afternoon, except on Friday, you will be met at Port Moselle by your hosts.Here is a tip: While students are studying, teachers could shop at city supermarkets for ingredients for an inexpensive picnic lunch. Purchases can be stored in CREIPC’s fridge. At the end of the morning’s lesson, enjoy your picnic overlooking Anse Paddon and then be pick-up for your pre-arranged tour or take the local bus to Centre Ville or Lemon Bay.

Day 4, language study and TJIBAOU CULTURAL CENTRE

After your morning lesson, transfer to Tjibaou Cultural Centre for guided tour. The Centre is so named in recognition of the Kanak leader, Jean-Marie Tjibaou for his contribution to cultural development. Your guided tour on the Kanak walk explains in detail the myth and beliefs of the Kanak society.

DAY 5, cruise to PHARE AMEDEE

This morning your hosts will take you to Port Moselle to board your cruise, on the Mary D-Princess or Mary D-Dolphin to Amedee Lighthouse. This exhilerating day tour includes a buffet lunch followed by the famous Mary D Island Dance Show featuring the fire dance and the traditional “Tamure” dance, accompanied by ukelele strumming singers. Enjoy a glass bottom boat ride and a Barrier Reef cruise. Pack togs and towel for a refreshing swim in the lagoon.

Day 6, language study and KAYAKING AT DUMBEA

After your morning lesson, take a 30 minute drive through the countryside to Parc Fayard at Dumbea where you will be met by your "Terra Incognita" guide. You will receive a presentation on the Dumbea River safety rules and use of your kayak before leaving the park to explore the river. You will have time to for a pleasant swim and a cool drink before returning to Parc Fayard for your coach journey back to meet your host and your last night in homestays.

Day 7, language study and enjoy L’EAU VIVE

As your homestay experience has come to an end, your hosts will drop you with your luggage at your chosen hotel. You will then take the bus, with your teachers, to CREIPAC for your final lesson. Afterwards catch up on missed sightseeing opportunities, enjoy the beach or purchase souvenirs. This evening transfer to L’Eau Vive restaurant to enjoy international and local cuisine and be entertained with the 9pm performance of “Ave Maria” by the Singing Nuns who run this establishment.


Depending on your flight time you may squeeze in a final visit to town or the beach before your transfer to airport to board return flight to Australia

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